Our Approach

3FS Capital is a private investment group designed to produce consistent, high-yield returns while providing liquidity and security to its investors. We focus on income-producing real estate-backed debt and equity investments.

Our Approach

Diversified Real Estate Portfolios

Our Philosophy

Putting people FIRST

Our Services

Rethinking Real Estate

Their bridging the gap between investors and high yield, low risk real estate investments
Craig Miller - Financial Advisor

Investment Portfolio

The Team

Meet the Team

Jacob Burbas

Vice President | Chief Operating Officer

Keavan Burns

President | Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Levins

Senior Vice President | Chief Risk Officer

Christopher pursued a degree in Finance from the University of Florida and has a graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from the International School of Business Management. After his time at U.F. he became an expert in lending risk management in the real estate and automobile industry. Now, Chris boasts almost a decade in the Timeshare/Travel Industry and is dedicated to using this experience to provide his customers with innovative solutions that will enhance their experience with the company.

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